Bathing Suits for a Pear Shape You might assume that modest swimwear is strictly the domain for mature and plus size swimmers, but you’d be wrong. Although these two groups do tend to favor bathing suits that offer more coverage and support, many young and fit swimmers are also turning to this style of swimwear, and for more than one reason. Although barely-there bikinis are often glorified in North and South American cultures, as well as in Europe, they are not viewed with the same appreciation everywhere. Let’s look at a few cultures that buck the current trends and advocate modest swimwear. Conservative Cultures Religion has always played an important role in the fashions of certain regions and cultures around the world. While there are certainly individuals who march to their own drummer in every group, each group has it’s own standard for what would be considered modest swim attire. Muslim Swimwear Muslims take a fairly strict view on modesty in their culture, as evidenced by the long dark robes worn by the strictest Muslim women. These robes, called niqab, cover all but a woman’s eyes. Even women who do not cover their hair and face generally do shun sleeveless tops, miniskirts, and shorts in favor of long, loose skirts. As you can imagine, if a woman wants to go swimming she’ll need to wear similar attire, just modified for water safety.


If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, ‘Let us go and worship other gods, gods that neither you nor your ancestors have known Johanan on the authority of R. Ishmael, Where do we find an allusion to yihud in the Torah? If thy brother, the son of thy mother, entices thee [etc. But it is to tell you:

Tznius is not looked upon as what the women is covering, but what she is exposing. In Jewish law, the body is perceived as something private and should be separate from public view.

Cover torso to elbows and to knees, inclusive; Cover collarbones and hair, if married. There is no difference between using a Jewish or non-Jewish male lifeguard. Women wearing skirts below their knees do not need to wear socks or stockings, unless that is the custom in their community. Custom is defined by how people who follow halacha dress, not by how non-religious people dress, even if the non-religious are the majority of a community. Women may wear open-toed sandals if that is customary in their community.

When women say blessings in the mikva, their bodies are covered by the water, which takes the place of clothing for that purpose. Married women should not appear in public without covering their hair. It is an act of piety for married women to always cover their hair. For extenuating circumstances, consult a rabbi for exceptions. A married woman may have her hair exposed as long as its area is less than 1 square tefach 3.

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One young man asked me if he was expected to bring a date. The answer is no. We don’t even have such a concept, in fact. And since Orthodox-Jewish weddings have separate sections for the genders, you would in any case not be sitting together with your date. When two people are married to each other, and both are invited to the wedding which is usually what is done , the invitation is addressed to both members of the couple.

Is it okay to bring a friend who has not been invited? Generally, if the presence of your friend will not cost the couple or their parents anything, it’s okay. This is a fairly good yardstick by which to decide whether it is okay to “crash” a simchah. At weddings, someone generally pays for each meal eaten.

One Frum Skeptic: Things to do on a date in the NY area

And Megillas Rus has a whole lot of stuff that teachers would probably rather not go into in depth. For most of my life, I attended Modern Orthodox schools. But I did spend a good chunk of time in a Charedi school where I was a complete fish out of water. However, the following tale is one I think all girls learned at some point in their schooling. I was sitting with my good friend last Shabbat, an actual Bais Yaakov girl.

We were sharing stories and suddenly I realized something.

I am looking for information into the history of tznius in Jewish communities around the world. The main thing I’m interested is the differences in standards of modesty between different Jewish women tznius .

The Torah only mentions the Erev Rav or the Asafsuf who might be the same people briefly. Today Erev Rav is used a lot in some circles. But who were the Erev Rav really? The accepted interpretation is that they were non-Jewish slaves, criminals and foreigners in Egypt who accompanied the Jews on their exodus. Why would Moshe have accepted a large number of foreigners on the way out? There was no conversion yet. Yitro, the first Ger only arrived around or after Har Sinai when the Torah was given.


September 17, at One of the criteria is dress.. Rabbi Falk gave an in depth shiur outlining a lot of technicalities of tznius. He went through each article of clothing and expounded upon it.

Some argue that whether or not one dresses in accordance with the laws of tznius is their private business. Some argue that focusing on modesty of dress is a distraction from the more primary concern of whether one has proper midos and is a good and kind person.

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Sweet Rose: Anatomy of a Shidduch Date

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Modesty is of utmost important for both men and women. Indeed, wearing modest Jewish clothing is essential for orthodox Jewish women. In some communities, women wear socks, tights or stockings as well, but this is not universal among the Orthodox. Married Jewish women typically cover their hair as a sign that they are no longer single. The Talmud recalls the tale of a remarkable woman named Kimchis. When asked how she merited such great honor, she explained that she never exposed her hair, not even in her own home.

There are many more stories in the Talmud about the greatness and importance of modesty. Orthodox Jewish women wear long skirts because pants are forbidden for women according to most opinions in Jewish law. Some ultra-orthodox Jewish women are very strict to wear a thick leg covering with dark colors so that no part of the leg can be seen. The only clothing that the Torah discusses in great detail is that of the priests, especially the High Priest.

A discussion on modesty