The movements were stamped Rolex Geneva on the top plate and were not engraved or stamped Rolex on the bridge. On some variations of the movement, the bridges were engraved with the name Oyster Watch Ltd. These two pictures show a typical Canadian Rolex with the Rolex caliber 59 movement which is actually an FF30 model. Stampings on these movement vary greatly. These watches were most frequently sold in gold-filled and stainless steel Oyster cases. These watches are frequently seen with hour military dials and as such, many were given as gifts to soldiers departing for active service in Europe during World War 2. Another variation of the Canadian Oysters were Rolex models sold by the famous former Canadian icon department store Eaton’s. Some of these watches were manual wind Rolex Oyster or automatic Oyster Perpetual models.

How to Find Rolex Serial Numbers & Model Numbers

The place of finding however really depends on the year it was manufactured. If the one in your possession is a traditional Rolex, then locating the locating the serial number on it can be a bit hard. The only main flaw this design choice had is that if the user wanted to know the serial number or model name then he or she were forced to disassemble the watch band completely in order to just see them.

Which, can be a little bit daunting and inconvenient because there is a high chance that the disassembling process may leave the watch battered and damaged. In , the Rolex watchmakers also began to engrave the serial number on the rehaut inner bezel part of the watch too as an edition to their earlier age-old under the lug position.

A lot of rip off Rolex copies that show up have a clear window on the back that allows you to see the mechanism. This is cool, but is a big tip off that the watch is a fake.

Rolex Datejust The story of the Rolex watch is inextricably entwined with the story of Hans Wilsdorf, who co-founded and personally drove forward the progress of the company, and the technical developments that led to the public acceptance and expectation of an accurate, waterproof, self winding wristwatch. Many other companies and individuals contributed, and there were waterproof and self winding watches before the Rolex Oyster, but the fact remains than Wilsdorf is an important figure in the story of the modern mechanical wristwatch.

The Vade Mecum takes the form of four small booklets in a slip case, and was printed in a limited edition of 1, All four booklets are stamped “Rolex Watch Division, C. Box , Tokyo, Japan” so I guess they must have all been in the same office at one time and one got switched around. If the owner of Rolex Vade Mecum reads this and wants to swap volume three, then please get in touch!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me via my Contact Me page. His mother’s early death was soon followed by that of his father and in , when he was 12, his uncles decided to liquidate his father’s business and use the proceeds to place the children in a very good boarding school in Coburg. Wilsdorf showed a particular liking for mathematics and languages, which drove him to travel and work in foreign countries.

He apprenticed at a firm of pearl exporters whose sales organisation covered the whole world, which experience he felt was invaluable throughout his whole career. In , aged 19, Wilsdorf started work at the major watch exporting firm Cuno Korten in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, as their English language correspondent and clerk at a monthly salary of 80 francs.


In more than 60 years of production the basic model is considered by many to be the most desirable. Many early examples now trade hands for more than times the original price. Overall condition is excellent, the only evidence of use is just a minor scratch on the buckle. Never polished or refinished in any way. On hold for Ron. It has been one of the most sought after models in the Rolex line up.

The Rolex Military Submariner. Throughout the s, military specification Rolex Submariners (often referred to as ‘milsubs’ by collectors) were delivered to the British Ministry of Defence (MOD) by the Rolex Watch Company and made available to both the UKSF Special Boat Service (SBS) and Special Air Service (SAS) divers.

Holbrook, II February 6, This week I had the fortuitous opportunity, quite unforeseen, to buy a vintage Rolex Submariner, model number Relatively few were made between about and , and many of those that existed have fallen victim to the ravages of time. As such, the collector value of these watches is quite high and rising. The example I have purchased is far from pristine, but I feel that with a little work, it could be a fantastic piece.

Admittedly, to the untrained eye this may appear to be just a beat up old watch that has little value: The good news is, the dial is in very good condition. More good news — the bezel insert, while quite faded, appears to be original, which is a huge plus. And while the bracelet is quite worn, it too looks original. So as far as I can see so far, this watch is a perfect candidate for restoration. The first order of business is to remove the bracelet and check between the lugs.

Again, lots of dirt and grime, but no rust or trauma is evident — great signs! More good news — per the markings on the inside of the case back, the watch has only been serviced once watch technicians normally put the service date on the inside of the case back by Rolex USA in New York in

Rolex Serial Number Lookup By Year

Call our Toll Free Number 1. Please make sure to have the watch with you when calling. We may have questions, and will need you to describe specifics about the watch. It may be helpful to have a magnifying glass handy for this process.

The biggest change in Rolex serial numbers, however, came about by the end of , when Rolex decided to use random serial numbers. Due to this change, it cannot be determined what year a Rolex was made if it was manufactured post

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Understanding Rolex Serial Numbers

First check the inner rim of the watch face also called the rehaut, which is french for “flange” between the dial and the crystal. If the watch was produced in or newer the serial should be engraved on the rehaut. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position where the bracelet is attached.

To view these serial numbers, the bracelet must be detached from the 6 ‘clock side of the case. For instructions on removing the bracelet, see the video to the right or call us at to speak with a Rolex expert.

The reference number is stamped between the lugs at twelve o’clock. There is a serial number, unique to each watch, stamped between the lugs at six o’clock, that can be used to date the watch. While there is no official list, the following chart is an approximation of Rolex dates by serial number.

Model numbers, also called case or reference numbers, indicate the particular model or variation of your Rolex, and the serial number is the unique identification number engraved on your particular watch. In this article, the watch buyers at Diamond Estate Jewelry Buyers will outline the steps that you need to take to find these important identification numbers. In order to reveal the serial number, the bracelet must be removed. For a watch without exposed lugs, find the notch in the lug and depress the lugs, one a time, and apply downward pressure on the end of the bracelet.

For models with exposed lugs, use a pushpin or similarly shaped object to depress the lugs, one at a time, while applying downward pressure on the end of the bracelet. That said, an approximate date of manufacture can be made by using the serial number chart we have posted below. Keep in mind that watches produced from to featured sequential serial numbers, with a notable exception in the middle s when Rolex reached serial number , In a hasty and perhaps shortsighted decision, Rolex began numbering watches again at , , leading to serial numbers from , to , appearing on watches in two time periods.

For example, a a serial number from an early s Rolex watch could appear on a model that was manufactured much later. Cross checking serial and model numbers is one way to avoid potential confusion. As expected, model numbers indicate the particular model Rolex you own, but they also provide information about the bezel, and what material the watch is made of.

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Watch timing standards and information RATE: This is the ‘heartbeat’ of the mechnical timepiece and rotates on an axis. Ideally u want to see a single line.

In , Rolex began issuing every Rolex Oyster case a unique serial number to distinguish them from one another. This numbering system was originally believed to have started at 20,, however earlier numbers have surfaced shooting holes in this theory.

Quite often, passionate watch collectors and enthusiasts want to know the value of their Rolex timepiece. For instance, are you interested in buying or selling a Rolex watch? Want to trade a watch? Additionally, you can refer to our page that describes the simple process to sell Rolex watches or trade your Rolex. Remember, BeckerTime is one of the most trusted online distributors of pre-owned Rolex watches.

As a result, our expertise can help you determine the highest value of your pre-loved Rolex watch. Also, you can find the production date according to the serial number with this simple tool. So, want to know what your Rolex watch is worth?

WARNING: Don’t buy any Rolex watch until you read this important free report!

Pros and Cons Rolex Case Back Stamps Used Inside Vintage Rolex Watches One of the things that are so rewarding about this website is the ability to compile data over a long time period and present it in a way that has so far not being available to collectors, either in book form or online. Here, it should be possible to identify a subject and create a pool of knowledge relating to it, forming a lasting record that enthusiasts can keep returning back to whenever they wish.

As far as we are aware, nobody has ever tried to put these into strict chronological sequence before, so this exercise is venturing into uncharted territory. Hopefully, it should be useful as an aid to weeding out those watches that have wildly different case back markings to others from the same year, this suggesting that they merit further scrutiny to confirm their originality.

Unique Rolex serial numbers, such as a Rolex Submariner serial number, are also helpful in determining if a watch is an authentic piece. If you need assistance in finding a Rolex serial number, please refer to the chart below. eBay also has a list of serial numbers with estimated production dates.

As a company, Rolex has been in business for over a century. During which time they have produced countless watches, with only subtle changes taking place between the different references over the years. This also includes the Rolex Serial Numbers which can get very confusing. Rolex Red Submariner ref. Subscribe for the latest Rolex news. Every Rolex watch has a unique serial number engraved directly into the metal of its case. On modern Rolex watches, the serial number engraving appears on the inner bezel, so that it can be viewed by simply looking through the crystal, rather than by removing the bracelet.

Rolex Serial Numbers Although Rolex has never published an official resource regarding serial numbers and their corresponding years of production, generations of Rolex owners have amassed a collective knowledge base that is able to accurately identify the specific year a given Rolex was manufactured , based on its serial number engraving. Around the mid s, Rolex reached the limit of their six-digit, serial number system, and reset the count, starting the serial numbers over again.

Rolex & Tudor Serial Numbers Lists by Date of Manufacture

First check the inner rim of the watch face also called the rehaut, which is french for “flange” between the dial and the crystal. If the watch was produced in or newer the serial should be engraved on the rehaut. On older Rolexes, this serial is located on the side of the watch case at the 6 o’clock position where the bracelet is attached.

To view these serial numbers, the bracelet must be detached from the 6 ‘clock side of the case. For instructions on removing the bracelet, see the video to the right or call us at to speak with a Rolex expert. You can also learn where to find Rolex serial numbers here.

Mar 31,  · Up for sale is the most pristine watch in my collection. The linen dial is flawless. It’s hardly been worn. It comes with the original warranty / owners manual, price tag, box, case, and watchbands (both original and current).

No luminous markers anywhere, just highly polished 18 karat yellow gold Roman numerals and the traditional straight stick Rolex hands. The hands offer amazing legibility and contrast due to a sharp crease running their entire length along with a highly reflective perfect polish. Fitted with the optional and slightly more expensive Jubilee bracelet that suits the formal look a little better than the sportier and more masculine Oyster bracelet.

Comes complete with the original box and paperwork from downtown Toronto Rolex authorized agent Royal De Versailles. The endorsed warranty card is dated September The watch is in excellent original condition having never been polished or refinished in any way.

Rolex Day-Date President Serial Number and Model Number Location