Julia Ohman was selected as the winner of the Merriam-Frontier Award. Kevin Canty’s Everything was reviewed in a number of French publications: Four Way Books will publish the collection in March It will be published by Bear Star Press this summer. Philip Schaefer second year poetry has a poem coming out with the National Poetry Review. Bell has a news article on Outside online, “Game of Clones.

Lawrence Schneider at University of North Texas

MSU researchers examine human risk taking when out in back country Updated: Every year Montana consistently ranks amongst the highest states in avalanche deaths. Between the and winter seasons 34 people have died in avalanches. Snow causes Friday morning travel issues Updated:

Lawrence Schneider Professor in the Psychology department at He literally stopped and had a conversation with a girl about dolphins and speed dating. Most of what’s on the test is from the book. Know the vocab, the people, studies and examples. University of North Texas Edit.

Recent reports are easier to find, but notice how these stretch back to the s. And these are just the cases we heard about through the media. How many more complaints were quietly hidden by universities? Recent stories about sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, violations of dating policies, violations of campus pornography policies, and similar violations in academia are NOT A FLUKE! I decided to organize these by discipline and to include both faculty and administrators.

I did, however, include Athletic Directors and people in similar administrative positions. Note that I left off of the list any cases involving accusations alone without investigation, resignation, admission, administrative action, legal activity, etc. Specifically, these are cases involving faculty and administrators engaging in sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual misconduct, stalking, violations of dating policies, violations of campus pornography policies, and similar violations, and where: The year listed below refers to the year in which the sexual harassment occurred, in which it was publicized, there was a university or legal finding of fact, or there was an admission of fact by the accused.

Freedom of Information requests are resulting in the release of university investigative reports.

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November 26 The planet Jupiter is in conjunction today as it passes behind the Sun as seen from Earth. But the raw weather could do little to dampen November 25 Mars is about half way up the southern sky as night falls.

White nationalist flyers show up on University of Montana campus. Updated 20 hrs ago; Crime. State boxing title holder convicted of holding, assaulting girlfriend in home for five days.

Share this article Share Until recently, it was thought there was one form of a gene for blue eyes and another one for darker eyes. The dark-eyed are better at tennis Brown-eyed people’s reaction times are faster than those with blue eyes ‘These genetic markers give us a good chance of telling someone’s eye colour. We can predict eye colour with between 70 per cent and 90 per cent accuracy,’ says Dr Louhelainen, who is investigating how genes determine eye colour to help forensic scientists identify murder and accident victims from their skeletal remains.

When it comes to explaining why eye colour might determine our health, the explanation is that genes behind the colour can multi-task. The inherited liver condition Dubin-Johnson syndrome, which causes brown pigment in liver cells, is linked to a build-up of melanin. Symptoms include pain and fatigue. Melanin may also make brown-eyed people more susceptible to alcohol.

When psychologists at Georgia State University in Atlanta surveyed more than 12, men and women, they found those with light eyes consumed significantly more alcohol than those with dark eyes. The reason brown-eyed people may drink less – and also be less likely to be alcoholics – is because they need less alcohol to become intoxicated.

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Willme24now , 22 y. Hopefully I can find some fun of me right places sapphireflys , 49 y. On my time off I just really chill for the most either with my friends or my son and do stuff like going to the zoo, hiking, too museums, and other assorted wackiness, or I just go and watch mo.. Just an Old country boy with a very high sense of Humor how puts smiles on the face of people and is most Optimistic

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Her extensive experience traveling as a music educator; Music Director and Conductor of professional orchestras; community orchestras; fine youth orchestras and as a professional violinist add an exciting dimension to MCI as she is an experienced visionary in meeting the artistic needs of any traveling ensemble. Originally from Utah, Cindy is a graduate of the University of Utah; taught music in the public and private education systems for over 20 years and conducted the Granite Youth Symphony, Jordan Symphony Orchestra, and the Lincoln Youth Symphony.

In addition she maintained a private studio specializing in violin and viola instruction and coaching small chamber ensembles. Petty was knighted by the Royal Rosarians, under the banner of the rose “Artistry” for her extensive contributions to the community through music. As a violinist, Cindy currently performs with the Newport Symphony Orchestra. In , and , she was honored to both conduct and perform as the Guest Concert Master and soloist with the Sapporo Philharmonic Orchestra in Sapporo, Japan.

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MSU researchers examine human risk taking when out in back country Updated: Every year Montana consistently ranks amongst the highest states in avalanche deaths. Between the and winter seasons 34 people have died in avalanches.

The Speed D was the nation’s ninth-rated passing defense () and posted a pair of shutouts (Montana State, Colorado) for the first time since The 28 turnovers led the Pac, the 13 fumble recoveries also led the Pac and were 10th-most in the nation while .

Share via Email This article is over 1 year old A child on a collapsed building at Darbandikhan, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq on Monday after the north of the country and northern Iran were hit by a 7. Although such fluctuations in rotation are small — changing the length of the day by a millisecond — they could still be implicated in the release of vast amounts of underground energy, it is argued. In their study, Bilham and Bendick looked at earthquakes of magnitude 7 and greater that had occurred since The bangs, crackles and hums of Earth’s seismic orchestra Read more They found five periods when there had been significantly higher numbers of large earthquakes compared with other times.

Crucially, these periods were followed by periods when the numbers of intense earthquakes increased. We have had it easy this year. So far we have only had about six severe earthquakes. We could easily have 20 a year starting in In addition, it is difficult to predict where these extra earthquakes will occur — although Bilham said they found that most of the intense earthquakes that responded to changes in day length seemed to occur near the equator.

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A bicyclist traveling the wrong way on King Ave. Fatal crash on I near Huntley confirmed to be missing family Updated: Family members confirm the vehicle in a fatal crash near Huntley was the one carrying their loved ones home to North Dakota.

Merivale CEO Justin Hemmes, 45, is rumoured to be dating model, Montana Cox, 25, according to an unconfirmed report. The Sunday Telegraph has claimed the multimillionaire ‘began seeing’ former.

Daily business briefing What is hooking up? As any high school or college kid could tell you, hooking up refers to the phenomenon in which two people—who may or may not know each other well, or at all—get together for the express purpose of fooling around, often after a lot of drinking. Hooking up can involve anything from kissing and heavy petting to oral sex and intercourse, but what all hookups have in common is that the physical involvement precedes an emotional relationship—if the latter develops at all.

For many young people, hooking up has become the most common way to begin sexual relationships. Rather than getting to know each other over time, two young people meet, and a hookup is proposed and accepted. A recent Stanford University study found that about 75 percent of college students hook up by senior year, and that the average number of hookups per person is 6.

As for the younger set, 30 percent of teenagers surveyed for a Bowling Green State University study reported having had intercourse, and of those, 61 percent said it was with someone they did not consider a boyfriend or girlfriend. But sociologists say several factors have combined to make hooking up something truly new and different. A record number of women are attending college and pursuing careers, and people are getting married later—so women in their 20s are less interested in finding a spouse and settling down.

Technology also plays a role: Cell phone texting and social networking make it easier than ever to find people looking for the same thing you are. Is hooking up harmful? Many college kids scoff at that very question. But some health professionals have raised alarms about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, and warn that many young adults are paying a price for learning to divorce sex from feelings and attachment.

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First a pilot test of 30 bios would be conducted in order to develop a code sheet. Then data from bios would be coded and finally analyzed. I hypothesize that a self-conceptualization strongly rooted in place, references to things like outdoor recreation, the University of Montana, and the downtown bar scene, will be highly prevalent.

Named after an explorer who championed the creation of the park, Grinnell was once a long sheet of milky white ice that sprawled through a valleylike crevice along the Continental Divide, lasting evidence of the ice age that long ago created the picturesque jagged peaks and cliffs that make this landscape in far northern Montana so unique. At the top, he and his team found themselves walking through an ice cave below a formation that rose hundreds of feet above their heads.

It was part of the glacier, which spread out for acres around them. As a scientist, Fagre tries to play it cool, but even now, the year-old smiles like a kid at the memory. But that visit was bittersweet. Today, the USGS projects its size at less than acres, if that, and shrinking faster than ever because of climate change.

Dan Fagre, a research ecologist with the U. Geological Survey, studies climate change at Glacier National Park. The ice, which used to be hundreds of feet thick, is now no taller than knee height at some points, and parts of it are visibly dripping. Within the last few years, the runoff from the melting glacier has been enough to spawn a new body of water just below it. Upper Grinnell Lake, as it is called, is often full of icebergs, chunks that have broken off from the glacier above — all part of a great melt that will soon strip Glacier National Park of its identity.

When President William Howard Taft created Glacier National Park back in , there were glaciers in the park — enough that visitors could easily see many from the road and walking trails well below the mountains. By , there were just 50 glaciers, many in hard-to-access remote areas of the park, and now there are only 26 — with some so shrunken that scientists debate whether to classify them as glaciers at all.

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Important Dates, Events, and Milestones in Montana History Offers a chronological timeline of important dates, events, and milestones in Montana history. Beginning some 2 million years ago, however, dramatic temperature changes profoundly altered what we now call Montana. At four different times, great sheets of glacial ice moved south through Canada to cover much of the north. The last glacial retreat, about 10, years ago, did much to carve the state’s present topographic feature.

Montana’s first humans probably came from across the Bering Strait; their fragmentary remains indicate a presence dating between 10, and BC. Native Americans known to have inhabited Montana at the time Europeans first explored it included the Blackfoot, the Sioux, the Shoshone, the Arapaho, the Kootenai, the Cheyenne, the Salish, and others.

Sign up for free to find a farmer, rancher, cowboy, cowgirl or animal lover here at , an online dating site meant for down to earth folks only.

For the love of stories Love The Atavist Magazine? Become a member today. Support great writers and their work. Promethea Unbound A child genius raised in poverty, she wanted to change the world. Then a horrific act of violence nearly destroyed her. For Georgia Smith, home was a beat-up red Plymouth Voyager minivan with a bad engine block. A Greek immigrant in her early forties, she had been evicted from her San Francisco apartment in the fall of She shuttled the five-year-old around the city by day before finding a parking lot where they could spend the night.

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