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The Rajas of Bishnupur were also known as Malla kings. Malla is a Sanskrit word meaning wrestler but there could be some links with the Mal tribes of the area, who had intimate connection with the Bagdis. The name Pala Bengali: The Palas were followers of the Mahayana and Vajrayana schools of Buddhism. Gopala I — was its first ruler. The Pala dynasty lasted for four centuries and ushered in a period of stability and prosperity in Bengal.

They created many temples and works of art as well as supported the important ancient higher-learning institutions of Nalanda and Vikramashila.

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He and his brothers rebelled against the Seljuk Sultans. He invaded Asia Minor in Emperor Mikhael sought help from the Seljuks during the rebellion of Roussel de Bailleul in , promising them east Anatolia, and they surrounded Roussel’s forces on Mount Sophon in Cappadocia [51]. He provided support for Nikephoros Botaneiates in his claim to the imperial crown.

He subsequently supported Nikephoros Melissenos as anti-emperor.

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Rich heritage of Bengal uncared for Huge samples of terracotta, dating back upto the early middle ages, lay in storage rooms lacking attention – See more at: http://archive

Etymology[ edit ] There are several theories regarding the word ‘Pundra’. According to one theory the word ‘Pundra’ owes its origin to a disease called ‘Pandu’. The land where most of the people were suffering from that disease was called Pundrakshetra land of Pundra. Punda is a species of sugarcane. The land where that species of sugarcane was extensively cultivated was called Pundadesa land of Punda. According to later Vedic texts like Aitereya Aryanaka of 8th—7th century BC, the Pundra was a group of non-Aryan people who lived east of the river Sadanira.

The Mahabharata also made a similar reference. In the 1st century AD, the land was mentioned as Pundravardhana for the first time in Asokadana. Karatoya was once a mighty river before its parent stream — the Teesta or Trisrota meaning combined flow of three rivers — the Karatoya, the Pundrabhava and the Atrai flowing down from the Jalpaiguri suddenly shifted its old channel and rushed into the Brahmaputra Jamuna in the devastating flood of AD. Mahasthan or Pundranagar was an important location on a major north south navigation as can be seen in James Rennell ‘s map of Bengal drawn in

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The dynasty was founded by Chandragupta I. He gave his name to the Gupta era, which continued in use for several centuries, dating from the 26th of February, A. Chandragupta was succeeded by Samudragupta c.

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Inquiry trip to north bengal 6Days ,5Nights Come to North Bengal to experience great archaeological sites of Bangladesh such as Mahasthan; North Bengal is also the place where the first settlers of Bangladesh came from, some come and see the start of the great civilization of the people of Bengal. Upon arrival proceed to sightseeing in Dhaka city including Parliament house from outside, Dhakeswari temple, National museum, pink palace , Star mosque, Lalbahg Fort etc.

En-route visit Tangail weaving village, organic farming, village life style etc. Lunch at local restaurant. After lunch continue drive to Bogra. Overnight at hotel Naz Garden. Bogra —Mahasthan — DinajpurMorning half, visit elementary school, weaving work and then proceed to rangpur. Here we visit the oldest archaeological site in the country. Lying on the western bank of the Korotoya River and dating back to at least the 3 century BC.

Visit the citadel, Museum if open. Upon arrival check in and overnight at Dinajpur Parjatan Motel. Day — 04 Dinajpur — Kantaji — Paharpur — RajshahiEarly morning after breakfast at hotel, visit the historical Kantagir temple.

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Environmental destruction by War and Peace “Our world faces a crisis as yet unpreceived by those possesing power to make great decisions for good or evil These are three of the 14 options the government’s advisers are considering to get rid of the UK’s troublesome nuclear waste legacy. The only sensible solution is to store it where it rightfully belongs – in above ground custom built concrete stores at the site of origin.

It is a place of immense interests of tourists for the existence of its ancient structures. Mahasthangarh is the oldest known city in Bangladesh, dating back to at least the 3rd century BC, and is located only 14 km from Bogra town.

Ancient currency of Chittagong The medieval Kadam Mubarak Mosque Stone age fossils and tools unearthed in the region indicate that Chittagong has been inhabited since Neolithic times. The Candra dynasty once dominated the area, and was followed by the Varman dynasty and Deva dynasty. Chinese traveler Xuanzang described the area as “a sleeping beauty rising from mist and water” in the 7th century.

In , Al-Idrisi wrote of a busy shipping route between Basra and Chittagong, connecting it with the Abbasid capital of Baghdad. It was the principal maritime gateway to the kingdom, which was reputed as one of the wealthiest states in the Indian subcontinent. It was notable for its medieval trades in pearls, [18] silk, muslin, rice, bullion, horses and gunpowder.

The port was also a major shipbuilding hub. Ibn Battuta visited the port city in It became the first European colonial enclave in Bengal.

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