Fordomatic[ edit ] In , Ford realized it was late in introducing a fully automatic transmission to its automobile lineup. Ford Engineering Vice President Harold Youngren, recently hired away from Borg-Warner, recommended that Ford license and build a transmission using a design he was working on at his previous employer. Ford and Borg-Warner signed a contract in which entered B-W into a supply agreement wherein they would build half of Ford’s transmissions for five years, with the other half either being built by Ford or by a different supplier. Because of this agreement, Ford licensed the design themselves and broke ground immediately on an assembly plant to build the remaining transmissions. The new plant, called Fairfax Transmission Plant, was dedicated in The original Ford-O-Matic accomplished two things that Ford’s two previous automatic transmissions failed to do.

Speedway Street King Ford AOD Transmission

I am now putting the finishing touches on my Ford truck pickup with 8 foot bed that has been mounted onto a E dually chassis. This is a fantastic combination with the and C6, but I would like to have an automatic that has a torque converter lockup and OD. Yes, I know that the bellhousing won’t fit, but I’m still interested in making the conversion. On the other hand, can an E4OD from a late electronics controlled be installed with some kind of interface box?

Over at the Ford Truck Enthusiast web site there is a tech article about putting an AOD in a late 70’s Bronco behind a that has the same bolt pattern as a Money is an object for me, however, so I’m not going to spend that kind of money.

Perfect For Restoration. If your classic Foxbody Mustangs automatic transmission feels sloppy when placing it in gear, it may be time to replace that old deteriorated or worn out AOD Shifter Linkage Bushing with a brand new genuine Ford replacement to make your shifter feel new again.

These are large and strong transmissions that can take much abuse when properly modified. If you need a seriously strong Automatic Transmission for your Ford, a C6 is worth consideration. Catalog PTC6HD This is our Heavy Duty C-6 transmission built for light trucks and passenger cars requiring a stronger than stock transmission for light towing or everyday driving requirements. Clutch pack capacity is increased and valve body is modified for improved shifts and lube transfer.

Transmission includes our Torque Max torque converter in stall speeds up to rpm. Available for most Ford engines and applications. This trans features improved servo design, modified valve body, increased clutch capacity and lube mods to insure trouble free high performance fun. Includes our Torque Max torque converter in stall speeds up to rpm.

4 speed AOD installed on a ’75 Torino

This engine assembly includes a short-runner Cobra Jet intake manifold. Drivetrain Interface Like all modular engines, the 5. Such plates can also help to correct starter tooth-engagement problems. For the moment, that leaves older automatics as the only practical choice.

A new transmission can cost over $2, to replace. • Automatic transmission fluid cools by traveling out of the transmission via the oil cooler line to a reservoir in the radiator.

Transmission Fluid Shift Kits and Transmission Coolers To give you an idea of what’s involved in a swap like this, I’ve covered my experience with each of these details in the paragraphs below. I’ve also listed some comparative transmission weights, dimensions, and gear ratios at the end. Procuring the Transmission If you’re pulling the AOD from a car, getting all of the related bits bolts, electrical connector, dipstick tube, converter, yoke, block plate, linkages, levers, shifter, hydraulic fittings, etc.

However, we used a transmission purchased from a friend of my Dad’s who rebuilds transmissions. Because of the Christmas holiday, getting all the right pieces was harder than usual, but we managed. Extension Housing When purchasing your transmission, be aware that there are two tailshaft lengths used on AOD’s. The short model is the one that is closest to the C4 in overall length. I forgot to measure it but the SVO catalog says it’s The AOD uses a hollow two piece input shaft one shaft inside the other for lock-up purposes and requires a specific torque converter.

This is an attractive feature when using a high stall speed converter, since locking up the converter eliminates the excessive slippage and attendant heat generation, RPM rise, and increased fuel consumption associated with such converters. On the down-side, the input shaft is weaker than a similarly sized solid one piece design and you lose the torque multiplication effect. We were looking for longer legs and increased fuel economy so we left our rear end gears alone.

If better acceleration is the goal, a ring and pinion swap may be in order.

Ford Automatic Overdrive Transmission Installation

When compared to EFI and computer controlled systems, Carb is inferior. Originally posted by dode As far as why carb, well, it has it’s advantages too. Care to share how much you have wrapped up in all of your electronics, intake, injectors, mass air, throttle body, fuel pump, tuning, etc etc. EFI is better for street cars, but I’ll take a carb on a play toy any day.

John Of course an “equivalent” carb setup is cheaper, it is an inferior technology. I’ll take EFI over carb even on a race car, any day of the week.

The electrical hookup is located on the driver’s side of the transmission mid way near the pan rail. Do I need a geometry corrector to use the Lokar AOD Kickdown Cable with .

Flathead adapter bolted to a Flathead intermediate ring Direct fit to 8 series intermediate ring The Truck and Mercury cars used 8 series block’s where an intermediate ring was used between the block and the transmission. Our adapter bolts direct to this ring with included hardware. Shaft, fork and throwout bearing Compatible with modern diaphragm clutches The adapter and kit was designed for modern clutches rather than the old 3-finger design resulting in smoother, lighter pedal feel.

Whether using the mechanical linkage or upgrading to hydraulic actuation, you are insured of smooth clutch engagement. The T5z is a perfect match for these engines. Wanting even more torque capacity than the T5 offers? No more concern about questionable sources and quality of the adapter. Flathead adapter with fork and cross shaft Want to run it with factory clutch linkage? Want to run it with hydraulic clutch release?

Complete kits are available for the configuration you desire. Rather than buy parts you don’t need or not all the parts you do need, when you buy from MDL you get the kit specific to your application. Mechanical linkage kits or hydraulic kits differ in the linkage portion. A mechanical linkage kit includes:

Ford AOD speedo connection

I copied this from another site I hope the author doesn’t mind! No electronics, just a throttle valve cable! The AODE can’t be built as strong. Truly a world class piece of workmanship. I will never use any other transmission.

Mar 07,  · There is a little tool that you use to set it that takes up the slack and you adjust the cable to get the correct test pressure on the transmission. That means you mash the throttle partially before the TV cable starts moving.

Inside the Car Step 1: Drop and Remove the Steering Column The first thing I did was remove the two front seats and drop the steering column. The column needs to be dropped in order to swap the pedal assemblies. Before dropping the column, the column harness needs to be disconnected. I used a small flat-head screwdriver to help pull apart the harness connectors, but you could do it without. What this component does is prevent you from shifting out of Park without pressing the brake.

The cable coming out of the bottom of the mechanism attaches to the shifter. Remove Pedal Assembly Before you can start unbolting the pedal assembly, you first need to disconnect the brake booster rod and brake light wiring from the pedal assembly.

Lokar ACA Ford AOD Adjustable Column Shift Linkage Kit

As the AOD became available in more applications during the s, including the 5. It is a fiercely reliable automatic transmission if you do your homework and take proper care of it. You get better fuel economy because overdrive lowers engine rpm at cruise speeds by nearly 1, rpm, depending upon axle radio and tire size.

I bought this to hook up AOD to the carb on a ford Installation was easy. Setting up the pressure you will need a gauge to set the proper setting for shifting.

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Ford AOD transmission linkage

I’ll start by saying I have read all over the internet and on probably 5 different forums about people rebuilding their E4OD’s over and over again with multiple problems. I’m not all that scared of my E4OD and getting it rebuilt but the difference in price to rebuild versus puting a C6 in is crazy. I plan to tow cars with my truck 4.

The transmission’s speedometer cable take off is RPM at 60 MPH. Most vehicles meet this requirement. If the vehicles tire size heavier wire for hook-up Use 20 AWG stranded or heavier wire for hook-up NOTE: This speedometer provides an output (OUT) terminal that can.

I am putting a 91 T-Bird 5. It has been years since I pulled the powertrain out of the T-Bird, so my having problems remembering some of the little things now. Does this come up on the passenger side? Anyone have a decent photo of how this should look? My guess is to a bracket on the lower intake, pass side rear. Accel linkage attachment to AOD. T-Bird was floor shift, I want the truck to be column shift.

Powertrain is in truck now. I am guessing I probably should have dropped the trans pan and rotated the shifter arm. Is that true, or is there a way to hook up the TV cable without rotating the shifter arm and have things work correctly?

AOD Transmission Kit